Lily Lebowski’s fiancé was played by Kathryn Hahn’s real-life husband

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: June 18, 2021, 1:57PM    Tags: featured

“He's been playing my character’s lover for a while now, so that's been a joy to be able to go to work together, said Kathryn Hahn about working with her husband, Ethan Sandler on Crossing Jordan.

In the early 2000s crime drama Crossing Jordan, Kathryn Hahn had one of her first big breaks on television as the grief counselor Lily Lebowski. Hahn’s character was good friends with Jordan Cavanaugh and would have an on-and-off romantic relationship with Bug. Hahn would be joined by her recently married husband, Ethan Sandler, who appeared as 3 separate characters throughout the series.

The two actors first met each other when they were both studying theater at Northwestern University. Performing in various stage shows a year after Crossing Jordan’s premiere, both Hahn and Sandler eloped.

Following their marriage, Hahn would continue to work on the series and more stage productions with her husband until he joined the series as ADA Jeffrey Brandau in season 5. After Sandler had been on the show two times as a background character, the show's writers added him as a romantic interest for Hahn's character Lily.

“It's just like a vacation. I can't believe I can drive in together with him in the morning. It's so fun. Of course, both families are over the moon. Both families basically have viewing parties,” said Hahn about having her family watch and work on Crossing Jordan.

Hahn was also pregnant with their first child during the time they were working together on the show. The writers also included Hahn’s pregnancy into the story, with Lily realizing that she was pregnant with Jeffrey’s child after they called off their engagement.

“It’ll be fun for my son to be able to watch these episodes and know he's in my belly.”

Both Hahn and Sandley continue to work and produce stage shows together to this day. The couple also has two children and a family legacy forever in TV history.

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