Jane Seymour reunites with 'Dr. Quinn' co-star in new film

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 13, 2020, 10:59AM

Despite what many would believe after this year, Jane Seymour is busier than ever. Working on back-to-back projects, she’s starred in 2 films so far in 2020 and is already well underway filming for her next role for 2021.

Among these projects is her most recent film, Friendsgiving, about a group of dysfunctional friends that come together for a chaotic Thanksgiving. In it we find Seymour reunited with former Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman co-star, Joe Lando.

In the beloved Western series, Joe Lando played the role of Bryon Sully, a rugged mountain man and eventual husband of Dr. Michela Quinn. Seymour and Lando also dated for a brief time and broke up while they were both still working on the show. Following their break up, the two stars remained professional with one another but only spoke on set when they were filming dialogue.

In a recent interview about their new film, Seymour reflected on the time after their break up as “an absolute waste of time,” since reconciling their differences.

“The interesting thing is if we had been a happy couple maybe we wouldn’t have had that amazing chemistry I see every time I watch one of the shows. There’s hot stuff going on there,” she remarked on Sully and Quinn's relationship.

Today Seymour and Lando are great friends and have worked on numerous projects together since Dr. Quinn. Lando joining Friendsgiving was actually Seymour’s idea to cast him, who coincidentally enough plays her romantic interest in the film. “They needed me to be with someone at the end, so I said, 'Well, maybe Joe will come do it.' Joe came for one line, he was doing me a favor and it was great fun.”