How they got their start: Tracie Thoms

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 7, 2019, 3:13PM

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On Cold Case, Tracie Thoms joined the cast in the third season as detective Kat Miller, who transferred to homicide from narcotics.

Before joining Lilly Rush's team, Kat worked undercover, where a brief romance with a gang member made her into a single mother and a traumatic experience of having a high school student die in her arms has left her permanently rattled. Her personal past aside, in her character, Thoms portrayed a determined detective who not only continued investigating despite marching orders to stop, but also convinces Lilly to re-open cases. She was perfect for investigating cold cases, and on the show, the versatile actress proved she could do drama just as easily as the sitcoms that started out as central to her career.

The first time we ever saw Thoms on TV was on the very short-lived 2002 series As If. Only two episodes aired of the series, which followed six teens in L.A., dealing with issues of the day. Based on the more successful British series by the same name, the series also starred Emily Corrie, who famously played the character "Sooz" on the original series, too. Thoms' character was called Sasha, the most fashionable of the bunch and arguably the one with the most attitude.

After As If was canceled, Thoms moved on to Wonderfalls, a campy sitcom that largely takes place at a tourist shop in Niagara Falls. On that show, Thoms played Mahandra McGinty, a cocktail waitress and best friend of the show's star Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas), who ends up having a secret relationship with Jaye's brother Aaron Tyler (Lee Pace). On the show, which became a cult favorite despite being canceled, too, Thoms played the voice of reason in an increasingly zany world, of which her character was blissfully unaware.

The cancellation of Wonderfalls, of course, is what led Cold Case to snatch the actress up, and Thoms would remain with the crime drama until the series ended in 2010. Since then, she's continued appearing on TV and in movies, including an Emmy-nominated performance in Send Me: An Original Web Series. Thoms has also joined other Start TV alums like Chris Noth (The Good Wife) and Danny Pino (Cold Case) for the ambitious, internationally-produced new series Gone, where she plays an FBI agent on a special task force that locates missing persons and victims of abductions.

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