How they got their start: Erica Gimpel

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 29, 2019, 2:57PM

Image: MGM Television

On Profiler, Erica Gimpel appears as Angel Brown, best friend and roommate of Sam Waters and her daughter Chloe. Apart from factoring into the drama at home, Angel is presented as an artist, someone capable of opening Sam's eyes to beauty in the world (and even prompting her to take up photography).

It makes sense seeing Gimpel in this role as an artist, considering she studied as a performing artist before her small screen career began on the TV adaptation of Fame. That's when the actress stepped into the shoes of the starring role of Coco Hernandez and even memorably performed the series title song on the show. It remains the role Gimpel is best remembered for.

Gimpel snagged the coveted role of Coco after the actress in the movie Irene Cara turned down the TV role. As this famously outgoing performer, Gimpel gave us a chance to watch her embrace her inner artist in her TV debut. She told Start TV in the video below, "It was one of the first shows that was so multicultural ... and we were really inspiring people to dream."

After Fame, Gimpel continued acting in TV and movies, but she wouldn't join a cast again until the role on Profiler. She told Start TV how the crime drama actually still influences her life today as a performing artist:

In her career, Gimpel has been seen in recurring roles in shows like Veronica Mars, ER, Touched by an Angel, Roswell, Boston Legal, The Young and the Restless and most recently, the quirky comedy God Friended Me. She's still active in both TV and movies, currently filming a new movie Sylvie, starring Tessa Thompson and Eva Longoria.

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