Hayden Panettiere Channeled her Inner Dr. House When she Played Juliette Barnes

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: May 19, 2021, 3:00PM

Since the beginning of Nashville, fans have gotten to know Juliette Barnes as someone who will fight tooth and nail to get to where she wants to go. Her tactics to get herself further in the world of country music may sometimes come off as sinister, but she still commands respect amongst her peers with her incredible talent.

Portraying a character with as much depth is no easy task. Hayden Panettiere played an active role in shaping Juliette's character, often working with the showrunners and writers throughout the series. She even mentioned that one of her primary influences in her portrayal of the country star was actually Dr. House from the hit early 2000s series, House.

“I kind of think of the character of House. I know it seems like a very strange, far-fetched comparison, but he’s such an ass, but you respect him because he’s so good at what he does,” explains Panettiere about her character inspiration.

While some of Juliette’s actions might be seen as malevolent in some ways, Panettiere strived for the audience to know there was more underneath.

“And even if [Juliette] is conniving and evil in some ways, I want people to respect her and I want her to be talented and be there for a reason and be a fighter and be wise enough to get what she wants. And you have to have a certain respect for that.”

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LoieJean52 8 months ago
Juliet can raise your anger at her for being selfish at times, but also she can tug at your heartstrings for the rough luck that comes her way.
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