Clare Bowen Found her Southern Accent Through Movies

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: June 11, 2021, 3:44PM

Among the amazing talent seen and heard in Nashville, Clare Bowens holds the most experience singing in front of a crowd. While she works alongside titans of the acting industry like Connie Britton, Bowen herself has been performing in opera music halls since she was just a child.

While Bowen had no problem with any vocal aspects of Scarlett O’Connor, she did need to make an adjustment with her Australian accent. Lucky for her, she had been preparing to become Scarlett for years having watched many American films set in the south that her father would bring home after flying all over the world. One in particular that inspired her character and accent was the popular ‘80s film Steel Magnolias.

“I watched that until the tape wore out. It was my favorite accent. So when I read this role of Scarlett thinking 'there’s no way I’m gonna get this because they don’t know who the hell I am,' I just went in and tried to be Scarlett with that accent,” said Bowen about crafting her accent for the role.

The classic southern film tells the story of a young beautician, M'Lynn Eatenton, who tries to start a new life by moving to a new town in Louisiana. Having idolized the movie for so long, it’s no wonder why Bowen became so passionate to play Scarlett, who herself is a new arrival to Nashville trying to start a new life in the country music scene.

Through Scarlett, Bowen was able to channel what she loved most about the southern films she watched as a child, while also crafting a very convincing southern accent for audiences. 

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Ann 2 months ago
I actually found her accent annoying. It sounded like a speech impediment sorta. Loved the show but she wasn’t my fav character.
LOIS 5 months ago
Scarlett and Gunner are my favorites! Their voices blend so well together. Makes me feel they've been singing together for a very long time before the show started!👍🌹
LoieJean52 7 months ago
Scarlett is a sweetheart! She is beautiful and has a voice to match. SO likeable.
CAubrey57 11 months ago
I love Scarlett! She's innocent in all ways except the sex. She's pretty, and she can sing beautiful. I hope she stays on the show, and grows stronger!!
LisaBishop 11 months ago
The character who is the new beautician in town is Annelle Dupuy, played by Darryl Hannah... not M'Lynn Eatenton who was a different character played by Sally Field.
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