Charles Esten Finds Inspiration From his Comedy Days on Nashville

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: May 20, 2021, 5:00PM

Fans of Nashville are familiar with Charles Esten’s role as Deacon on the series often sharing the stage with either Julliette and Rayna. While he’s made a name for himself as a growing country star, both on and off the show, many might recognize Esten for his former role on the hit comedy series Whose Line is it Anyways. 

Esten was a recurring character on both the U.K. and U.S. versions of the show and even made a few guest appearances in the 2013 revival while he was working on Nashville. On the popular improve series Esten used the stage name ‘Chip Esten,’ and loves it when longtime fans recognize him from his Chip days.

"The tweet that always makes me laugh is...where somebody goes, 'Just realized Deacon from Nashville is Chip from Whose Line,' and then it always says the same thing: '#mindblown.' I love that," recalls Esten about his fans recognizing him as Chip.

Every actor has some surprising early acting credits, but few are as surprising as Esten's. While his character isn't known to be the comedy relief on the drama series, Esten finds little moments to draw some Chip inspiration into Deacon

"I firmly believe that the best comedies have something serious or meaningful in them and the best dramas better have something a little funny otherwise it becomes mellow drama. There are great moments where the tension’s broken in the show constantly, even with Deacon," Esten explained in an interview with Big Machine Label Group.

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