Catch a double dose of holiday Profiler episodes on Christmas Day

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 19, 2018, 12:02PM

On Profiler, there were two actresses who stepped into the title role, and this Christmas, you can watch both of them deal with the holiday season in back-to-back airings of special Christmas episodes on Start TV.

First there's Ally Walker, who kicks the series off as Dr. Sam Waters, a forensic psychologist who also happens to have a unique gift that helps her see the truth behind violent crimes. In the third season "Home for the Homicide," Sam's on the case of a young killer motivated to murder to keep his family together. It's an odd holiday message, made more fun by a B plot that finds Sam bringing her boyfriend home for the holidays, which in contrast threatens to cause division between Sam and her daughter Chloe (played by Evan Rachel Woods).

Watch "Home for the Homicide" Tuesday, Dec. 25, at 11PM | 10C.

In the fourth season of Profiler, we meet former FBI instructor Rachel Burke, Sam's replacement. Played by Jamie Luner, Rachel Burke is just as sharp a profiler as Sam, and when the holidays came around, she too has to deal with a double dose of death and family drama. In "Original Sin," Jamie's tracking a serial killer who lures his victims online, in attempts to force them to become his ideal woman. At the same time, her brother drops into town, not with gifts in hand but instead clear signs of substance abuse.

Watch "Original Sin" Tuesday, Dec. 25, at 12A | 11C.

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