Cagney & Lacey used a clever trick to obtain and keep new viewers

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 28, 2019, 1:13PM

Sometimes, you have to follow your gut. If there's an inkling that a show, for example, could work, sometimes you pull out every trick in the book to make it happen and nothing goes untouched, not even the first few notes of the opening theme song.

After the initial 6 episode pilot season received poor ratings, CBS moved to cancel Cagney & Lacey. People loved the storytelling aspects of the show, but it wasn't enough to keep viewers engaged. Producer Barney Rosenzweig was committed to making sure the show got the audience it deserved, and he did everything he could to assure that their second chance would not be wasted. After recasting the role of Christine Cagney with Sharon Gless, the network agreed to put the cop drama on the air. The time slot, however, wasn't promising. 

The placement of a show in a schedule can play a huge role in how well it does; things like the day of the week and the timeslot make all the difference when it comes to the ratings. For example, Friday and Saturday evenings are some of the most difficult times to be placed in because people are normally out and about, not home watching television.

Rosenzweig didn't let the tough time slot deter him. Instead, he got creative. 

Enter Bill Conti, award-winning American composer and conductor who has had a long career of composition. His big break came in 1976 when he was asked to compose the music for a little low-budget film called Rocky. He would go on to compose the music for not only the majority of the Rocky films, but also the tunes for the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, The Karate Kid 1984-1994 and many, many more. In 1982, Conti received a call from Rosenzweig and learned that Rosenzweig liked his music.

"[Rosenzweig says,] 'But you know, in this main title, I don't want anyone to think that it's a cop show,'" Conti shared. In his interview with the Television Academy Foundation, Conti revealed that while he may not have known it at the time, he was about to take part in a clever rouse to keep a Cagney & Lacey following.

Conti & Rosenzweig worked up a strategy.

"Let’s imagine [your show] can follow the greatest show on the planet, and you’re number two," Conti said. "Let’s imagine the Rolling Stones follow the Beatles. Pretty good chance of [an audience still] being around. Same in TV; if you got a big opening act and you’re number two, you gotta be pretty bad to lose the audience."

Rosenzweig figured he could keep that audience as long as they stuck around long enough to get sucked into the next show – Cagney & Lacey.

"He says, 'I wanna hold that audience. I have a cop show, 2 girls. It’s dramatic as whatever, there’s nothing funny about this. But I wanna trick ‘em; I wanna hold that audience. I want them to stick around just a little bit longer,'" Conti explained. "That’s why I had the saxophones; it could sound light and funny!"

Conti then composed a theme song that made it sound like viewers could look forward to another comedy. The music was bright and airy, giving off the same impression that one would have upon hearing the Laverne and Shirley theme song or even the Happy Days opener. The grand introduction paired with the upbeat saxophone masked the cop drama as a comedy with two smiling female leads.

This clever rouse inspired audiences who were engaged in the previous show’s timeslot to keep watching. By the time anyone realized they were watching a cop drama, they would be too invested to stop watching. Maybe they should have written Rosenzweig & Conti in as an on-screen dynamic duo!

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NIPPICKER 11 months ago
It's not a rouse, it's a RUSE.
Lillie 12 months ago
I just realized that the Cagney & Lacey that’s usually on in the afternoon at 2:00pm MST has been moved to midnight, just before their usual 1:00am MST time slot, which makes them both on in the middle of the night! Still not cool!
Lillie 12 months ago
As usual, I tuned in today to watch Cagney & Lacey in their usual time slot at 2:00pm MST, and Unforgettable was on instead! Not cool! I don’t see it on the schedule either. Have you taken it off permanently? Again, not cool!! Cagney & Lacey and The Closer are my favorites! Please don’t mess with them!!
Elizabeth 16 months ago
I am so glad they kept Cagney and Lacey on and added Rizzoli and Isles, but seriously we do not need two The Closers and two Ghost Whisperer on, if they would have taken Cagney and Lacey off i would have been very upset
Lillie Elizabeth 12 months ago
No, no, The Closer is awesome! But, The Ghost Whisperer could go!
Elizabeth 16 months ago
I got hooked on Rizzoli & Isles first season while in TX for my bone marrow transplant. I'm thankful to StartTV for choosing to put them in their lineup now I can watch the entire series on Antenna TV
jimpinet1 28 months ago
Most interesting...still thoroughly enjoy the show...
BrightFeather2 29 months ago
I love the actors - I love the upbeat intro music and I love that it IS a cop show with real human aspects in it. I loved it when it first came on and I still love it today and never miss a show ! It's the kind of a series you never get tired of. IT's real. It's full of life.

Now compare that to the Closer series and you have the opposite - you can only see that series a few times and then the EXTREME Narcissist lead character just claws at you and you can't watch it anymore. SHE has to always be in control and in charge and snaps at anyone who does not recognize HER as the Queen over all and everyone practically has to get HER permission to even breathe.. And she believes SHE is always right even when she's wrong.
A viewer can only take so much of that.

If it were not for the older Parents in it, that gives it life and reality and some lightness, you'd not be able to watch it endlessly. The lead character Brenda Leigh Johnson, only shows any humanity at all when it's with her parents or her cat, that being such an extreme narcissist, she neglects her parents, husband, and others constantly since HER case and HER job always comes before life itself regardless of who it hurts..
Everyone would want her mother who is the salt of the Earth . Yet Brenda never appreciates it or anything others do for her. But you fall in love with the parent characters. And you watch just so you can see THEM !

Lillie BrightFeather2 12 months ago
I LOVE The Closer, and I LOVE Brenda Leigh! It’s one of my most favorite shows ever! Yes, on the surface she’s bossy & opinionated, because if she wasn’t, the boy’s club & red tape would eat her alive. She’s smart to be so “creative” with her interview techniques. I love that she turns on her charm so that she’s underestimated & then closes in for the “kill” & arrest! Underneath, Brenda is tender & loving, especially when it comes to Fritz, Kitty & her parents & she’s fierce when defending each one on her team, namely, Gabriel, Sanchez, Tao, Flynn, & Provenza. She makes the show & I LOVE it!!
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