Which pioneering TV female comic are you?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: August 20, 2018, 5:00AM
Although television started out as an industry totally dominated by male entertainers, the arrival of iconic female comics changed all that in a seeming heartbeat. From the hilariously disruptive force of I Love Lucy to Mary Tyler Moore's stereotype-shattering sitcom, some of TV's greatest laughs came from ladies who dominated the screen from the moment they were introduced on it.

Of course, we all have our favorite leading ladies, and when it comes to who gets the most laughs, it's all a matter of personal taste. But whether you like the offbeat humor of original Saturday Night Live cast member Gilda Radner or the red carpet gawking made famous by Joan Rivers, we're willing to bet there's a pioneering female comic to be unmasked behind your unique sense of humor.

So take the quiz and find out which funny female TV star is most likely to consistently crack you up.
  1. What's your favorite female-led comedy in TV history?
  2. How would you describe your sense of humor?
  3. Which hair color do you associate with your favorite female comic?
  4. Which achievement impresses you more?
  5. Pick a female cartoon character that makes you laugh:
  6. Which is more important in an entertainer?
  7. Which common TV combo do you think leads to more laughs?
  8. Which shoe do you think fits your favorite female comic?
  9. Which other talent does your favorite female comic have?
  10. Pick a funny movie that you loved:
Which pioneering TV female comic are you?

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