Spot the Incorrect Credit: Mary McDonnell

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 1, 2020, 4:17PM
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Starting back in the '80s and later going on to become one of cable TV’s most popular actress and a two-time Oscar nominee, Mary McDonnell's career of memorable roles spans decades. Working in both television and film, Mary's amazing talent is widely known throughout the world.

With such an incredible career spanning numerous genres and film formats, can you pick out the projects Mary McDonnell was NOT involved with? Test your knowledge and see if you can find it in the crowd!
  1. From guest star in ‘The Closer’ to series lead in ‘Major Crimes’, Mary Mcdonnell is famous for her many guest roles, but which one of these did she NOT appear in?
  2. Which of these hit films was Mary McDonnell NOT featured in?
  3. What series was she NOT a regular in?
  4. She also has an expansive career in made-for-TV movies, which one wasn't she a part of?
Spot the Incorrect Credit: Mary McDonnell

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Maria 19 months ago
I got 9 out of 10 not bad because I just guessed most of them I have mostly watched law and order
Carolyn Maria 18 months ago
I only had 4 questions on Major Crimes. But it is hard to tell season's when we are only given episode numbers on DISH
Theresa 20 months ago
I love this show didn't think I would like it but I really like is now I wished it was on Saturday & Sunday nights
Linda Theresa 20 months ago
I agree. I was sad to see it wasn't on Sat or Sunday. I love it.
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