Spot the incorrect credit: Kyra Sedgwick

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 4, 2019, 10:38AM
Kyra Sedgwick is our favorite Deputy Chief on The Closer, but her career spans over the course of roughly 30 years. She's acted in multiple television shows, movies and has made a number of one-off appearances in entertainment. 

We want to know if you can spot the credit below that doesn't belong to her. Give it your best shot!
  1. Of these movies and TV shows, which one did not feature or star Kyra Sedgwick?
Spot the incorrect credit: Kyra Sedgwick

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MarialainaBiddle 16 months ago
I only Know the closer is hers , She is so funny and a great little actress I also liked all of costars on her show as a regular all are a great bunch of people. I also like seeing Sanchez.s heart on the show I love his character.

MarialainaBiddle 16 months ago
Oh I do like major crimes as well.

MarialainaBiddle 16 months ago
I liked all the programs on start tv from 9 in am tell 6 in the evening I am tathered to oxygen not to much I can do except watch tv. This channel is my everything If they are changing what is seen on tv I wont be watching. I don't like much out there for tv.
BrightFeather2 30 months ago
Hey I did it ! I'm not good on titles so I had to really REMEMBER HARD to get this one.
Deb 30 months ago
It would be awesome to see the follow up to the closer, major crimes, on too
James 30 months ago
Brenda smells it! She's got her nose all in it! She gets a good whiff and the culprit is doomed, because Brenda Leigh Johnson always smells out the bad guy (or girl)!
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