See if you can recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Profiler

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 3, 2018, 4:36PM
Do you have an eye for spotting famous faces? 

We've snipped out scenes from the best celebrity guest spots on Profiler to see if you're as quick at spotting celebs as Dr. Sam Waters is at solving crimes. 

Just scroll through each scene and try to match each star to their more well-known role. Good luck!
  1. Now, he's a movie star, but back in 1999, his first TV series was just debuting. Pick the 1990s show he starred in:
  2. He's locked up here, but you might recognize this actor has the villain in which thriller?
  3. He's playing a young punk here, but on which sitcom was he the boss?
  4. On Profiler, she's sick from ingesting poison, but in which movie did she wage war on polluters?
  5. On Profiler, he played the head of a mega-corporation, but in which classic Western was he the expert gunslinger?
  6. She played a recurring part on Profiler as Sam Waters' daughter, but she was nominated for a Golden Globe for starring in which 2000s teen drama?
  7. He played the father of a troubled teen on which supernatural 1990s TV drama?
  8. She looks harrowed here on Profiler, but we're used to her playing the sunny mom on which family sitcom?
  9. This beauty also wears fancy things on the luxurious TV drama she's best known for:
  10. He's pouting here on Profiler, playing a chess nerd who gets bullied, but later in his career, he made a grand escape as the star of which movie?
See if you can recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Profiler

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