See if you can recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Medium

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You shouldn't need psychic powers to figure this one out. But it helps to have watched a lot of TV and movies.

Some big, big stars showed up on Medium before they blew up. Let's see if you recognize them.
  1. This megastar has an Oscar sitting on her shelf, finally, thanks to what movie?
  2. She is box office gold, thanks to what YA film franchise?
  3. Which critically acclaimed show does NOT feature this incredible actor?
  4. She was the queen of 1980s teen movies. Which classic did she NOT star in?
  5. She was the matriarch of what cinematic family in the 1990s?
  6. You could find her in what classic nostalgic sitcom?
  7. Pick the two awesome things that feature this duo.
  8. She is the daughter of what two Hollywood icons?
  9. Hey, this guy played a rockstar in a big Hollywood movie. Which one?
  10. The guy on the right was married to which friend from 'Friends'?
  11. She wrote and starred in what 2012 romantic comedy?
See if you can recognize all these celebrity guest stars on Medium

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Patsy 17 months ago
I wish you kept having 2 shows back to back, I love "Medium". Did either of the younger sisters ever act in any other show? Are the still acting? They were really good. I can watch "Medium" over and over. Please don't take it off!
Deanna 22 months ago
I dont like skeptics! I love this show! Love Patricia!
Gelsey 22 months ago
Missed last one. Not familiar with the film.
MishyLeigh1974 25 months ago
I love this show!! Fantastic cast, awesome storylines, great comedy/drama mix. I wish I would have watched it during its original run. But I like the current binge-style reruns on Start TV because I only have to wait 24-hours to watch the next episode. I look forward to watching it everyday!!
Sylvain 27 months ago
I love her acting because she is very convincing. Happy to know of an other serie.
MichellePainterWilliams 39 months ago
Love this show!!! So glad we ditched cable and got an antenna!
RosiePadilla 46 months ago
WOO HOO MEDIUM is back on StartTV!!!!!!!😎😎😀😀
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