Is this song by Hank Williams or the Nashville Cast?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: June 14, 2021, 3:47PM
While the series may center around fictional stars, Nashville pays homage to the real-life legends that helped pioneer the country music genre. The series especially pays its respect to country legend, Hank Williams, having every episode in season 1 named after his songs. 

The Nashville cast has also paved their way to celebrity status, with multiple original songs from the series hitting the top 50 country music charts! But can you tell apart classic Hank Williams songs from the original hits sung by the Nashville cast? Take the quiz below to find out!
  1. 'A Life That's Good'
  2. 'Lovesick Blues'
  3. 'Cold Cold Heart'
  4. 'No One Will Ever Love You'
  5. 'Black Roses'
  6. 'I Saw the Light'
  7. 'I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry'
  8. 'Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet'
  9. 'To Make You Feel My Love'
  10. 'Move It On Over'
  11. 'Have a Little Faith in Me'
  12. 'My Heart Would Know'
Is this song by Hank Williams or the Nashville Cast?

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LoieJean52 14 months ago
Thank you for showing Nashville on Start TV. I absolutely love this show. The characters are so believable. All are great actors. Have all cds 1-6. Have dvds seasons 1-4. Can't seem to find 5&6 to
order. Best series and great music!
CherokeeGillett 15 months ago
I normally do not watch These type of shows, But when I started watching Nashville, I am unbelievably hooked on the show And so Sorry It ended Is there Any possible way that they will bring this show back? I was so mad to see it end......😪 They Left so many things Just hanging Like Juliett's lawsuit.
gichisum 16 months ago
Yes I am so upset over the time change. Nashville is a great show and I love it I've watched it since the day it started, haven't missed a show. I liked the other shows on Start TV but all of the other shows is reruns I have watched twice now are they ever going to add any new episodes. Nashville is the one thing playing on Start TV that is not a rerun. When school starts I won't be able to stay up til 1 AM to watch it. PLEASE change the time back to 11PM or earlier.
DENNYTT 16 months ago
Nashville is the best. It's right up there with the Y&R and the B&B to me. The difference is no one is trying to really HIDE what's going on in their lives to the point that secrets LIVE and HAUNT the characters involved. I'm LOVING ALL THE PROGRAMS ON START TV BUT NASHVILLE HAS BECOME MY OBSESSION. I REALLY NEVER MISS IT AND IF I DO, I JUST GO ONLINE TO CATCH UP. THIS US REAL PRIME TIME TV.
Danielle 16 months ago
Why... why... has this show been changed to an even later time?! I’ve been watching this show since it started on Start Tv, 11 pm was already too late and yet I would stay up and wait for it to come on! And now I won’t be able to do that! I can’t stay up til 1am to watch Nashville, that is too late! It’s really sad to see this show not make it because it’s time slot had been moved to a time most are sleeping. This really saddens me and obviously I’m upset over it! Please bring this show back to a decent time for all to enjoy, thank you.
Carie Danielle 16 months ago
I'm right there with you. I was so upset to learn that they changed the time as well. Now they have changed it to midnight but that is too late for me too. I wish they would bring it back to 11pm or earlier.
Tom 16 months ago
I knew the Hank Williams songs. Aced it!
LoieJean52 Tom 14 months ago
I aced it too!! I am a baby boomer, but I love all kinds of music.
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