How well do you know the career of Mary McDonnell?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: February 8, 2023, 9:03AM
Most people know Mary McDonnell from her amazing performance as Sharon Raydor on both The Closer and Major Crimes. While Sharon is by far a lot of people's favorite amongst her roles, McDonnell's career spans decades from Oscar nominated films to cult classic television series.

But how well do you know the stunning career of Mary McDonnell? Take the quiz below to find out!
  1. What decade did she first appear on television?
  2. Did McDonnell appear in the Fargo TV show or movie?
  3. What famous 90’s disaster movie did she star as the First Lady?
  4. What season of The Closer did she first appear as Sharon Raydor?
  5. Which medical drama did she NOT guest star on?
  6. Other than The Closer and Major Crimes, what other Start TV series has she appeared on?
  7. True or False: Sharon Raydor was initially an antagonist on The Closer
  8. McDonnell appeared in which early 2000's horror movie cult classic?
  9. She played the president on which popular sci-fi series?
  10. McDonnell received an Oscar nomination for best actress in a leading role in which movie?
How well do you know the career of Mary McDonnell?

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