Do you know these StartTV characters' maiden names?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 31, 2019, 1:52PM
Little details are what make a show's ultimate fans stand out. We picked up on a teeny, tiny detail from the leading women in our shows who are married; their maiden names are mentioned! Can you remember the maiden names of these ladies? The answer may be right in front of you!
  1. Medium couple Allison and Joe share a last name, but Allison's mother, father and paternal grandmother are all mentioned with her unmarried surname! Allison's maiden name is...
  2. At the start of the Ghost Whisperer, we meet Jim and Melinda at their own wedding! We know they are happily married, but do you remember who took who's name? Melinda's maiden name is...
  3. In The Good Wife, Alicia considered taking her maiden name again while deciding whether she would be able to stand by Peter throughout his scandal. Alicia's maiden name is...
  4. Halfway through The Closer, our favorite Deputy Chief was happily married to her FBI hubby, but ended up keeping her own name. Brenda Leigh's maiden name is...
Do you know these StartTV characters' maiden names?

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Rachel 17 months ago
my favorite TV show of all time! loving Ghost Whisper! ❤❤❤
BrightFeather2 21 months ago
Allison's maiden name was not listed - it is Rollin. See gave that as her name when she was in high school.
Jule 21 months ago
Actually, isn’t it mentioned in the Medium that Allison’s last name was Rolland? Her brother’s (or half brother) name was Benoit...
BrightFeather2 Jule 21 months ago
Exactly - I'm not the only one who caught that. But whoever wrote the questions and listed the answers did miss it ! But i spelled it wrong. Allison mentioned her maiden name several times through the series. Rollen. Don't know how it's spelled. But that is what the correct answer is and they did not list it. They put her brother's name there instead but she never went by that name.
Beatrice 27 months ago
I enjoy watching StartTV...
I found it by accident while flipping through channels.
It's on my Frontier Cable...
I also watch it on 2.2 regular television in Los Angeles County.
Mac 29 months ago
I love watching the shows on your channel! I only change channels long enough to watch certain series like 911, Survivors, etc. I only wish Cagney and Lacey was 2 shows not 1 and Dr Quinn and Touched by an Angel was not so early in the morning.
Cold case is about the only show I don't care too much for but it's time slot is lined up perfectly for Highway to Heaven on a different channel.
Thanks for listening to my ramblings!!
Mac Mac 29 months ago
I forgot to mention that our cable company just added this channel to our line up. Hate to see these shows replaced since we just started watching them!
Deb 30 months ago
Please get some new shows. Ive watched you since the beginning and am on the 3rd or 4th round of some shows.
Ya killin me dudes!!
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