Do you know the real meaning behind this law enforcement jargon?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: August 21, 2019, 11:46AM
How often have you seen a crime drama in which the detective or investigator arrives at the scene of the crime and immediately asks for a run-down of the situation? Suddenly, the conversation becomes a mix of police jargon and definitions, helping the audience along as we learn exactly what's going on. 

We want to know how much you've picked up in all of the crime drama we're certain you're binging. Can you define this police jargon? It's a tough one, but give it a try and show us your police trivia smarts. Good luck!
  1. If someone calls in a B&E, what is happening on the scene?
  2. If someone calls in a GTA, what is happening on the scene?
  3. What is the abbreviation for "Attempt to Locate"?
  4. If someone calls in a DIP, what is happening on the scene?
  5. What is the abbreviation for "Dead On Arrival"?
  6. If someone is due in court and someone calls an FTA, what has happened?
  7. If you've committed a crime and are being take to the DOC, where are you going?
  8. If an officer advises a BOLO and you cannot see a perpetrator, what are they advises?
  9. What is the abbreviation for "Public Intoxication"?
  10. If an officer asks to remove all "civvies" from the area, who do they want removed from the scene?
Do you know the real meaning behind this law enforcement jargon?

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lindylou411 3 months ago
Enough with Dr. Quinn, medicine woman. How many times do we need to watch each episode. It has been on for years. I think it is time to change up some of the programs. How about Hill Street Blues, Strong Medicine even St. Elsewhere. Give us a little change PLEASE!!!!
Debbie 3 months ago
I love the Ghost Whisperer;a The Medium these 2 shows are my favorite,I guess I was fascinated by ppl who truly are physic.I love the other shows too. Maybe in the future you could play Hill Street Blues,can't find it on any TV channel or cable tv channel either"great show.
Nichole 31 months ago
I'm sorry but where did all these crackpots come from, with their snake oil cures??? Most people are way too smart to believe in those out landesh lies...but sadly for some of uneducated people desperate for a Miracle that couldn't possibly come from a common human doctor...that false hope you try and pedal is down right horrific!!! Not only could you cause at the very least, delay of proper treatment. It could also be too late for someone by the time they realize your all full of shit, to get the real treatments.
It would be so great if you could contract the diseases you claim to cure falsely I might add, and die horribly painful deaths from then!!!
May GOD have Mercy on your souls, if in fact you even have one!!!
Debbie Nichole 3 months ago
They are on every comment section of news articles,now Smart TV too!
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Ida 33 months ago
I find Profiler & The Division not great shows..
Mar 33 months ago
I used to be a Cleveland police officer ;-)
claire 33 months ago
any way you can possibly take off Ghost Whisperer and Medium..two of the dumbest shows ever made !!!! sad that you took off Family Law for Ghost Whisperer !!!!!!
BrightFeather2 33 months ago
I only missed the intoxication one but I don't' think they use PI for that.
Pamela BrightFeather2 16 months ago
Speak for yourself! I love both of those shows!
ElizabethRupe 33 months ago
so I missed one I don't drink so I didn't know
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