Can you solve real Jeopardy! clues about these Start TV stars?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: July 2, 2021, 2:12PM
Think you know the many stars featured on Start TV enough to beat a game of Jeopardy! if all the clues were just about the leads of your favorite Start TV shows? Then prove your trivia knowledge with the quiz below!  

Your verdict will be "champ" if you can get a good score on this quiz, based on actual clues seen on Jeopardy! and archived at Good luck!
  1. You select category: "LOVE" ON TELEVISION $400: She hosted "True Tales of Teen Trauma" on MTV & also played Sarah on "Party of Five"
  2. You select category: AMERICAN WOMEN $800: She was the Ghostbusters' receptionist on film & plays cute little Mary Jo on TV's "Designing Women"
  3. You select category: WHEN THEY WERE TEENS $800: Angie Harmon was in history class when she found out that she'd won this teen magazine's cover model contest
  4. You select category: NAME'S EXACTLY THE SAME $400: Henry VIII's wife No. 3 & "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman"
  5. You select category: EMMY WINNERS FOR BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA $600: A 4-time nominee in the category as a nurse on "ER", she won twice as a lawyer on "The Good Wife"
  6. You select category: PLAYING PRESIDENT $1600: Mary McDonnell's Laura Roslin had a strong anti-Cylon platform as president on this TV drama
  7. You select category: TV: WHO PLAYED 'EM? $2000: Tami Taylor of "Friday Night Lights" & Rayna James on "Nashville"
  8. You select category: AUSSIE ENTERTAINERS $1600: This Sydney-born actress, now on U.S. TV, has sisters named Rosie, Lily, Daisy & Marigold
  9. You select category: MOVIES' LAST LINES $2000: Patricia Arquette: "Except maybe I wouldn't have named our son Elvis"
  10. Bonus Round: CELEBRITY ORIGINS $200: Hi, I'm Kyra Sedgwick. My ancestor Robert Sedgwick came to America in 1636 & was an early settler of Charlestown, now part of this New England city
Can you solve real Jeopardy! clues about these Start TV stars?

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