Can you name these horror movie villains?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: October 7, 2022, 11:21AM
Horror isn't just for the guys, there are plenty of ladies out there in the horror sphere who have paved the way. Can you name some of these iconic horror characters?
  1. Who is this slasher mom?
  2. Who's this pointy lady?
  3. She's trying to help you, will you let her?
  4. Lots of moms taking up the slasher title, who's this?
  5. This is one cousin we definitely wouldn't want to invite to the reunion!
  6. Do NOT watch TV around her.
  7. She's got the Hat, but what's her name?
  8. Who's body is it now?
  9. Her name might be Valentine but she definitely isn't sweet!
  10. Her daughter gets all the recognition but we all know she was the real villain!
Can you name these horror movie villains?

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