Can you I.D. these guest stars who appeared on Major Crimes?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 3, 2022, 10:23PM
Major Crimes features a strong core ensemble cast along with a large variety of guest stars from all across television and film.

But can you I.D. all the stars that showed up as cops, victims, suspects and even psychics? Put your detective hat on and see if you can recognize these celebrity stars from
Major Crimes!
  1. She was in touch with the spirits on Major Crimes and what blockbuster 80’s movie?
  2. What famous 90’s sitcom do you remember her from?
  3. Before she was an LAPD cop, what popular horror TV show did she star in?
  4. On Major Crimes she was involved in a criminal conspiracy, but we know her better as the mom on what early 2000's show?
  5. Before she was Phillip Stroh’s defense attorney which Star Trek series did she star in?
  6. He starred in which popular Chicago based movie?
  7. What 90's drama did he star in before being accused of murder by the Major Crimes unit?
  8. What other Start TV show do you know her from?
  9. He was a meddling TV writer that moonlights with the Major Crimes unit, but what new comedy have you likely seen him on?
  10. Before being caught, what popular 70's comedy could you also catch her on?
Can you I.D. these guest stars who appeared on Major Crimes?

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Tru 1 month ago
Loving Start TV on Free Broadcast TV. Compressed New Networks Rule.
Deanna 6 months ago
8 out of 10. I didn't know the evil one and the superstore guy.
TrudyBarriger 15 months ago
I get Start TV on 22-4 on regular tv in my room,but can’t get on Spectrum ! Love Start TV
I have basic Spectrum. For me it's channel 1237
EdSullivan 22 months ago
I know who the people are, but I haven't seen many of those shows. I've also saved a lot of money by not having cable.
Lorraine 24 months ago
Sharon is obsessed w/ the "rules and regulations" as Brenda is for "going around" them!! But in the end, they both catch the perps...
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