Can you I.D. these celebrities who appeared on Crossing Jordan?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 8, 2022, 12:27PM
Crossing Jordan features a strong ensemble cast, including movie stars you'd recognize from before and after the show became a hit.

Think you can detect every celeb who showed up on the series as doctors, detectives, even occasionally killers?

See how many you can I.D. right below. Good luck!
  1. In the first season of Crossing Jordan, this actor was featured on the cast as a medical examiner working on a grant. What movie won him an Oscar?
  2. This actor was also on the cast of Crossing Jordan, throughout the entire series run. Which hit 1980s Stephen King movie featured his breakout role?
  3. Before this young actress became a blockbuster movie star, she played young Jordan Cavanaugh in a recurring role on Crossing Jordan. Now she stars in which HBO show?
  4. On Crossing Jordan, this actor shows up as an FBI agent, but it's likely he's best-known for his role on which NYC-based show?
  5. Here's another TV star who offered his medical opinion on Crossing Jordan. On which 1990s sitcom was this actor the TV dad?
  6. Let's stick with sitcom history for our next celeb, who played a doctor twice on Crossing Jordan, but is best known for which iconic TV role?
  7. Here's an actress we're used to seeing in uniform, but she appeared on Crossing Jordan the year before she became the star of which crime show?
  8. On Crossing Jordan, this actor played a colonel who likely caught the attention of fans of which 1980s franchise?
  9. For a crossover episode with Las Vegas, we saw this actor who was the ex-CIA agent at the center of that show. Which Oscar-winning movie do you know him from?
  10. On Crossing Jordan, this actor was suspected of murder, but he played which more innocent iconic TV role as a child star?
  11. This actor appeared on Crossing Jordan four years before he took on a starring role in the movies that rebooted which franchise?
Can you I.D. these celebrities who appeared on Crossing Jordan?

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