Can you I.D. celebrities who appeared on Strong Medicine?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 4, 2019, 1:22PM
Strong Medicine attracted a wide variety of patients, including pop singers, Olympic athletes, famous comedians and even movie stars before they were stars.

Think you can I.D. everyone on Dr. Lu's waiting list?

Scroll through the photos below and see how many celebrity patients you recognize. Good luck!
  1. This famous comedian co-created the show and occasionally guest stars on Strong Medicine:
  2. Here's another famous comedian who showed up on Strong Medicine as a matchmaker:
  3. One of this young star's earliest roles was on Strong Medicine. What movie won her a Screen Actors Guild Award at just 8 years old?
  4. Here's an actress on Strong Medicine who also starred in which TV medical drama?
  5. Pop stars turned up on Strong Medicine, too, including this "No More Drama" singer:
  6. Here's another funny lady who showed up as a patient on Strong Medicine. What sitcom do you know her from?
  7. Sitcom stars were more frequently patients on Strong Medicine than you might think. Which one is she from?
  8. One more sitcom star for good measure. She's weepy here but she's better known for her distinct whine on which sitcom?
  9. The best athletes in the world also stopped by Strong Medicine, including this Olympic gold medalist and figure skater:
  10. Strong Medicine welcomed Olympic gymnasts, too, including this one:
  11. Here's another pop star patient, who you'd recognize as a member of which hit 1990s act?
  12. She showed up on Strong Medicine seeking help, but Start TV fans know her from The Division and which other hit show?
Can you I.D. celebrities who appeared on Strong Medicine?

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Steve 3 months ago
The questions I missed were TV shows I never saw.
KarenMorrisette 15 months ago
Circle pictures are too small. Need to be bigger so we can see their faces. I'm 59, eyes are going bad. Oh, and why does Strong medicine have to be on at 2am EST? A s far as I'm concerned you can replace C&L with strong medicine. Much better show.
Jill 22 months ago
Does anyone know why I can't find the TV show strong medicine available to buy on DVD? I can only find season 1. And now start TV isn't finishing season 6. And they're replacing it so I'll never get to see season 1 2 and 3.
greenlights18 Jill 19 months ago
Only Season 1 was ever made available on DVD, sadly. Websites sell bootleg copies of the entire show. The only place it is streaming is on The Roku Channel, which is free. But, they only have two seasons up at once. They just took 3 and 4 off, and now, 5 and 6 is available. It started this summer with 1 and 2. I didn't know this until 3 and 4 were there, so, I missed watching Season 2. I'm hoping in a few months, it will circle back around and 1 and 2 will be up again.
DisneySpells 33 months ago
Can you I.D. celebrities who appeared on Strong Medicine?

You got 11 out of 12
Whoopi's stoked you figured it all out.
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