Can you guess the crime show from just the first names of its cast?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: August 31, 2018, 2:44PM
Crime drama has been a staple of our TV schedules since Joe Friday solved his first case, and if you're a fan of crime TV, you know that the shows only got more and more nuanced as the years wore on.

You also know that each crime show has its own distinct cast of cops and accomplices and it would take an attentive fan to be on a first name basis with all of them.

Below, we've taken just the first names of casts of hit crime shows, to see if you can guess the correct show every time. Good luck, detective!
  1. Which crime show has Brenda Leigh, Will, David, Russell and Louie on the cast?
  2. Which crime show has Olivia, Elliot, Donald, Odafin and John on the cast?
  3. Which crime show has Steve, Danno, Chin Ho and Kono on the cast?
  4. Which crime show has Lilly, Chris, Scotty, John and Nick on the cast?
  5. Which crime show has Gil, Catherine, Warrick, Nick and Sara on the cast?
  6. Which crime show has Leroy, Caitlin, Anthony, Abby and Ducky on the cast?
  7. Which crime show has Temperance, Seeley, Angela, Jack and Zack on the cast?
  8. Which crime show has Sam, Rachel, Baley, John and Grace on the cast?
  9. Which crime show has Spencer, Penelope, Jennifer, Aaron and Derek on the cast?
  10. Which crime show has Bonnie, Angela, Jinny, C.D. and Magda on the cast?
Can you guess the crime show from just the first names of its cast?

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