Can you complete the names of these Major Crimes characters?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 5, 2020, 3:18PM
Major Crimes introduces us to a variety of characters both new and familiar from the series predecessor, The Closer.

But we want to see how well you’ve been paying attention! You know the cases they solve each episode, but do you know ALL the names of these
Major Crimes characters? 

Just fill in the blanks to the rest of their names and show us your knowledge of Major Crimes!
  1. Sharon ???
  2. ??? Howard
  3. Dr. ??? Morales
  4. ??? Tao
  5. ??? Sanchez
  6. Rusty ???
  7. Russell ???
  8. ??? Flynn
  9. ??? Provenza
  10. Detective Amy ???
Can you complete the names of these Major Crimes characters?

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DianeRodriguezRivera 14 months ago
One of my favorite shows I didn’t like Sharon’s character on the closer but fell in love with her on major crimes when she took in Rusty.
Betty 16 months ago
I love major crimes!! I watch it everytime it comes on.I love Andy and Sharon's love for each other.

Carolyn 17 months ago
Watch two hours of the Closer and two hours of Major Crimes EVERY DAY (they are on)❤❤❤
cheryl 18 months ago
I was thinking the show was the same as closer because of most of the actors were the same but I enjoy major crimes over closer
Carolyn cheryl 17 months ago
But the chemistry between Brenda and Fritz!!❤❤❤
Really wish Brenda would have made appearances on Major Crimes.
YvonneWhite 18 months ago
This is my favorite show. Sure would like to meet Provensa. He is my favorite actor.
Josephine 18 months ago
I am a major crime fan. Please bring it back
Shirley 18 months ago
Love this every day!
Marian 18 months ago
Thank you start. Tv for playing all of major crimes episodes. It's very much appreciated
ElMeister 18 months ago
Wish you would put this on at 7pm est.
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