Can you complete the names of characters on The Closer?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: March 13, 2019, 11:03AM
On The Closer, we met so many memorable characters that some even warranted a spin-off to satisfy viewer curiosity.

We also got to see how The Closer star reacts when family drops by.

Here, we've pulled some of the show's biggest characters, plus a few fan favorite recurring roles we think you'll recognize from the hit drama. To answer each question, just fill in the blank to complete these well-known names. Good luck!
  1. Fill in the blank to complete the name: Brenda [???] Johnson
  2. Fill in the blank to complete the name: Will [???]
  3. Fill in the blank to complete the name: [???] Howard
  4. Fill in the blank to complete the name: [???] Tao
  5. Fill in the blank to complete the name: David [???]
  6. Fill in the blank to complete the name: Irene [???]
  7. Fill in the blank to complete the name: [???] Watson
  8. Fill in the blank to complete the name: Dr. [???]
  9. Fill in the blank to complete the name: Willie [???] Johnson
  10. Fill in the blank to complete the name: [???] Howard
Can you complete the names of characters on The Closer?

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bringeroflight 20 months ago
10 out of 10. Dr. Crippen was a total guess, though. My favorite character is the complex Detective Julio Sanchez.
BrightFeather2 29 months ago
10 out of 10. My favorite character is mama Willie Ray. Just love her !
Merri 34 months ago
Ah! Tao & Irene both thew me! 8 out of 10 surprised me!
sodacracker 35 months ago
I am huge fan of the closer, I bought the first 3 seasons on DVD and plan to buy remainder seasons. such a well acted show with great characters. I love Fritz and Brenda. I especially enjoy Flynn and Provenza characters when they get into mischief by crossing the line.
Ursula 35 months ago
8 out of 10, NOT bad πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
Edra 36 months ago
Love Brenda n Fritzi πŸ’˜....
Tracy 36 months ago
I cut the DirecTV cord, bought an antenna and am thrilled to have discovered StartTV. I'm addicted to watching The Closer for 2 hours as often as possible! Not good for my workout routine though :-(
KimLLewis Tracy 36 months ago
I'm addicted on The Closer too but I don't get to watch it at night. I've been watching it on Lifetime. Some mornings it's on for 5 hours. And when I do get to watch an episode or two on Start (MY favorite channel) I think to myself wow I just watched this episode this morning. =)
Merri Tracy 34 months ago
I understand completely! Antennae is great. I rarely watch anything except Start TV! Great Channel!
BrightFeather2 Tracy 29 months ago
I did the exact same thing 9 years ago. I'm on Start TV all the time. Never watch any others. Start gives me all I need. Trouble is I don't get much sleep. I work my farm ranch during the day and am up on computer doing my newsletter - watching START TV all night - my favorite shows are on during the night and early morning unfortunately. So I stay up all night to see them. So I hardly get any sleep. It's all START TV's fault - they have such good series on !
Kia 37 months ago
I'm Big fan of StartTV. I love The Good Wife, Medium, Crossing Jordon, Strong Medine and many of the other great shows on the channel.
BrightFeather2 Kia 29 months ago
I love most all the shows but I live for Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - even if they do have some of the history wrong. They tried to be accurate but they went by the re-written history DC put out since 1865. I'm a truth historian so I notice anything presented that is not the TRUE history that DC does not want us to know about. But they got teh Indian tortures and abuse by DC Feds that I'm sure they did not get from the "history" we are "allowed" to believe. Most all "history" we have been indoctrinated with in the govt schools is fabricated. I notice every bit of it. But this series gives us the background of how America grew . I love history, guess that's why I'm a historian.
I love Touched By An Angel, Medium, Ghost Whisperer , The Division, Cagney and lacy, I just love most all of them . I love all the Medical ones on during the night too. I stay up to watch them all. Darn START TV is a great channel !
Sleepless in Florida.
OriginlTnkrBell 37 months ago
Great memory test. would love Women's Murder Club. Interesting shows Thank you WOWTV 6 n Start tv love these shows.
nessablue04 38 months ago
Love the show, still watch the reruns, how about adding, Rizzoli & Isles in Ghost Whisperer.
BrightFeather2 nessablue04 29 months ago
They listened - Ghost Whisperer is on. Give them time and they will come on with Rizzoli and Isles too. Maybe they will put it on in place of Good Wife.
Bobbytaylor 38 months ago
I absolutely love this show. The way the characters interact and the plots are amazing. Kudos to the writers. I wish Kyra would seriously consider a reboot of the show. I watch Major Crimes, but it’s not the same without her.
BrightFeather2 Bobbytaylor 29 months ago
The Character Brenda Leigh Johnson has had her time. Just so much of a narcissist character we can take. Like the one line in one of the shows is so true - Brenda sees herself as a hammer and everyone one around her is a nail she has the drive to take down - including her own family. NOTHING comes before HER case, HER job and HERSELF . But I miss her mother's Character Willie Ray. She was the salt of the Earth. Wish they did not let her die.
Jasmine 38 months ago
I watched this when it originally started on network tv but i still watch all the episodes on here.
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