5 major facts about Major Crimes

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: September 4, 2020, 2:20PM

Though a spin-off to the highly acclaimed crime drama The Closer, Major Crimes quickly rose above all expectations and stood firmly as one of the best breakout series on television for six seasons. While featuring familiar faces and cast, Major Crimes was able to successfully acquire its own tone, focusing on the slow-and-steady procedural steps to justice in major crimes cases.

But do you know everything about the hit crime drama? Here are some major facts about Major Crimes.


Major Crimes was a hit from the start.

On its initial premiere Major Crimes landed a record breaking 7 million views, making it the most successful television premiere on cable television.


Brenda almost made a surprise guest appearance.

Former star of The Closer Kyra Sedgwick was in talks to reprise her role for a special three-episode event. Unfortunately, they weren't able to align schedules in time to make it happen prior to the show's cancelation.


They got the real mayor of L.A. to play the fake mayor of L.A.

Eric Garcetti, who played Los Angeles mayor "Ramon Quintero" in both Major Crimes and The Closer was actually elected as Mayor of Los Angeles in real life in 2013. He first appeared on Major Crimes in "Long Shot" in 2012, a year before taking office. He returned in 2016 for "Hindsight, Part 5."


Sharon's estranged husband was her old stage spouse.

Tom Berenger, who played Sharon’s estranged husband, Jackson “Jack” Raydor, had played as Mary McDonnel’s spouse before. In 1988, the two up-and-coming actors were a couple in National Anthems, a drama staged at the Long Wharf Theater. Kevin Spacey played their neighbor in the production.


Spin-off of a spin-off…?

Despite the series cancelation only a few years ago, series creator James Duff has spoken about his interest in the possibility of a Major Crimes spin-off series down the road. 

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