5 Interesting Facts you Might not Have Known About Nashville

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: April 19, 2021, 9:00AM

Nashville tells the story of two queens of country music, Rayna James and Juliette Barnes, who will stop at nothing to reach the top.

But before you watch the award-winning country music drama here are some facts about Nashville that you might not have known. 


The Writers Kept the Actors in the Moment

To keep the actors of Nashville on their toes at all times, the writers made sure they wouldn’t be aware of major plot events until the day of filming. This was used to help keep the characters themselves in the moment of shocking events and revelations.


Season One Honored Hank Williams

In honor of the great country music singer Hank Williams, excluding the pilot, every single episode in the first season is named after one of his songs including Lovesick Blues, I'm Sorry for You, My Friend, and I Saw the Light.


Scarlett O'Connor Watched Movies To Hone her Southern Accent

It's no mystery that most of the southern accents used by characters in Nashville are fake. However this is especially the case for British actor Gunnar Scott and Australian actress Scarlett O'Connor. O'Connor herself practiced her southern accent by watching American films set in the south like Song of the South and Steel Magnolias.


The Music Labels are Named After Real Places

Those who live or are familiar with Tennessee might have already picked up on this, but every fictional music label mentioned in the series is named after a real location in Tennesse! Most notably Rayna's Highway 65 label is the actual highway that cuts through Nashville, along with Edgehill Records, which is named after a neighborhood in Nashville.


The Show Recreated the Bluebird Cafe as a set

Famous for hosting some of the most prominent country singers of our time, it's no wonder Bluebird Cafe is such a popular setting throughout the series. To continue using the location for filming without disturbing the real cafe's visitors, the Nashville production crew created an exact replica of the famous cafe and often have the real owner cameo on the show as a waitress.

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Linda 6 months ago
Why did you take "Nashville" out of the line-up. I was sorry to see it go.
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Really like Nashville, wish it were in earlier than 1:00 am est.
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I love Nashville, I wish it was going to come on before 11:00. Maybe you could switch a program that has been on for a while like Ghost Whisper.
RobinSmith 14 months ago
So happy about Nashville, now get rid of Cagey and Lacey!!!
ElizabethRupe 14 months ago
Thank you I loved this show and Rayna and that cute little Blonde who was on Heros shame you couldn't also show that series.
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