5 Interesting Facts About Nashville Star Connie Britton

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: April 21, 2021, 3:14PM

Nashville star Connie Britton has an expansive career spanning 3 decades. Long before she was rocking in the country spotlight as Rayna Jaymes, she began her career on Broadway in the early '90s. Now, years later, she has several hit movies, TV shows, and music albums under her belt.

But do you know everything about the popular singer, songwriter, and actor? Here are 5 facts that you might not have known about Connie Britton.


She’s a U.N. Ambassador

With a focus on feeding the hungry and empowering women across the world, Connie Britton was inducted as an honored Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations in 2014.


Her vocals are all her

Many actors placed in singing roles have been known to use a voice double for their vocal performances, but not on Nashville! Connie Britton's performances are all her. She's even had 5 original songs of hers hit the top 50 in the country music charts including "No One Will Ever Love You" and "He Ain’t Gonna Change."


She graduated from Dartmouth

A lot of actors choose to go for their dream right out of High School and head straight to Hollywood. Connie Britton had other plans and instead attended the prestigious Dartmouth College where she received a degree in Asian studies. During her studies she even spent a summer abroad in Beijing and learned to speak fluent Chinese.


Lauren Graham and her were roommates

Most noted for her role as Lorelai Gilmore from the popular Gilmore Girls series, Lauren Graham first met Britton in New York when they were both attending an acting class. They became quick friends and made the decision to chase their dream of fame together and moved to Hollywood where they were roommates in the early stages of both their TV/movies careers.


Connie Britton is a stage name

Connie Britton's real full name is Constance Elaine Womack. In the early 90's she married and took the last name of John Britton, who she later divorced in 1995. When she started working in Hollywood she had also shortened her first name from Constance to Connie. By the time of her divorce she had already made herself known as Connie Britton in several projects and decided to keep it as a stage name for the sake of simplicity.

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StaceySpangler 5 months ago
I missed a couple nights of Nashville and wonder what happened to Rayna?!!!!! I read the story line on the website for S5/EP 9 - IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES, but it doesn't really explain anything.

Again, what happened???!!!
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