5 facts you might not know about Rizzoli & Isles

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: December 30, 2020, 3:58PM

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Your new favorite crime-busting duo has arrived on Start TV! Joining our star-studded lineup, Jane Rizzoli and Dr. Maura Isles chase the bad guys and solve the crimes not just once but twice, every day at 5P | 4C and then again at 10P | 9C.

But before those two take on Boston's most wanted, you might want to get more familiar with these facts you might not have known about the show.


The Show is Based on a Crime Novel Series

The TV series follows and draws inspiration from the Rizzoli & Isles crime series books written by Tess Gerritsen. The primary books of inspiration for the show are the first two in the collection, The Surgeon and The Apprentice. In the book series, Jane Rizzoli is the main protagonist in the first entry, which is followed by Dr. Maura Isles introduction in the second book, The Apprentice. From then on, the book series follows both Rizzoli & Isles.


Usher was Almost Cast in the Series

The showrunner for the series, Janet Tamaro, originally picked famed singer and songwriter Usher Raymond for the role of Detective Barry Frost — which he declined. Tamaro had other original picks for series leads such as Winona Ryder as Dr. Maura Isles and Ashley Judd for Jane Rizzoli. 


Korsak Almost had a Boston Accent

With the series set in Boston, many of the characters introduced hold "Bostonian" accents whenever they talk or with a few select words and phrases. Detective Vince Korsak has a Boston accent for only the pilot episode, "See One, Do One, Teach One," which he then drops for the remainder of the series.


The Premiere Broke Cable TV Records

The premiere of the series in 2010 lured 7.6 million viewers — which was the highest amount for a commercial-supported cable series at the time. 


The Episode Titles are Named After Songs

With a few exceptions in the earlier seasons, Rizzoli & Isles episode names follow a pattern of being named after popular songs that either relate with the crime or story of the episode. Such episodes like "Rebel Without a Pause," named after the Public Enemy song, and "No One Mourns the Wicked" from the Wicked musical. 

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gdporterfield 1 month ago
If I remember correctly, Usher appeared on a soap opera called "The Bold And The Beautiful" using the name Usher Raymond.
Clifford 1 month ago
I couldn't see Usher as Frost because I have seen Usher acting, he can't. So sad about the actor who played Frost.
Donna 3 months ago
Funny, the show is set in Boston and no one has a Boston accent !!!!!

DebbieSteward 5 months ago
I wish you had started with the 1st episode Iwas so glad you brought this show to your lineup. Please consider bringing Castle to your lineup.
JamesMason 5 months ago
love this show! so happy to see them on starttv! now if you can get the series "castle " that would be perfection.
Donna AngelaOlson769012 3 months ago
That would be great !!!! The re-runs are on Sunday night AT 12:30 A/M Just cant stay awake that late !!!!
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