10 times we saw Sasha Alexander on TV other than Rizzoli & Isles

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: January 17, 2023, 10:09AM

Rizzoli & Isles star, Sasha Alexander, has been dedicated to acting since she was just a child. Working at the Royal Shakespeare Company in London and graduating from USC's school of cinema and television, Alexander has honed her skills both in front and behind the camera. 

She would start her film career in numerous independent projects that she would either write or produce. Her work would eventually garner enough attention to land her such iconic roles in Mission Impossible: III, He's Just Not That Into You and of course Rizzoli & Isles. But to truly understand the many talents of Sasha Alexander you'll need to look all the way back to her TV career that started in the late 90's. Take a look back at the 10 times Sasha Alexander caught our attention on TV: 


Wasteland (1999)

Making her television debut, Sasha Alexander starred as Jesse Presser in the short lived late 90's drama, Wasteland. The show followed a group of 6 friends who all went to college together and now moved to New York City to find their true selves.

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Dawson's Creek (2000)

Alexander played the role of Gretchen Witter in the hit teen drama Dawson's Creek. Her guest role lasted all throughout season 4 when Gretchen came home for the summer after dropping out of college and had a brief romance with Dawson.

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Presidio Med (2002)

Before there was Dr. Maura Isles there was Dr. Jackie Collette! Starring in another short lived series, this medical drama focused on the doctors and patients of a San Franscico Hospital.

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Friends (2002)

Titled 'The One With Joey's Interview,' Sasha Alexander plays none other than the interviewer herself. With her character credited simply as 'the interviewer,' Alexander's character arrives to interview Joey about his acting career for 'Soap Opera Digest.'

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NCIS (2003-2005)

Before Rizzoli & Isles, Sasha Alexander was one of the original stars in the long-running crime drama, NCIS. For the first 2 seasons of the series Alexander played the role of Caitlin Todd, a former secret service agent who resigned to join the NCIS Major Case Response Team.

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House (2010)

Sasha Alexander guest stars as Nora, Dr. House's new neighbor and crush in the episode 'The Down Low' on the popular medical series House. Nora's affection becomes a competition for both House and his other neighbor, James Wilson, during the episode while Nora believes them both to be in a relationshop with each other the whole time. 

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Shameless (2015-2016)

While she was working on her final seasons on Rizzoli & Isles, Alexander had a recurring guest role on the comedy drama series Shameless. In the show she played professor Helene Ruyon, who taught and had a brief romantic relationship with one of the series leads, 'Lip' Gallagher.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (2018)

Sasha Alexander made her guest star appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit as the lawyer and con-artist Anna Mills. After her family was found dead the morning after her scamming scheme was uncovered, the SVU team made her the primary murder suspect.

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FBI (2019)

Alexander just can't get away from popular crime dramas with her most recent guest star appearance FBI. In the episode 'American Idol,' she stars as U.S. presidential candidate, Valerie Caldwell, who had been targetted by a car bomb.

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Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons (2020)

Finally in her most recent role, Sasha Alexander finds herself in one of her first ever voice acting roles in the mini-series Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons! In this animated series, Alexander voices Adeline Kane Wilson, the ex-wife of the series protagonist and infamous DC supervillain, Deathstroke.

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